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Branding and Marketing

Our brand and marketing services will give you the support you need to boost widen your reach and diversify your student population. Our dedicated team will prepare a comprehensive solution and help you implement strategies to hit undergraduate student numbers and maximize your ROI.

Campus Tours

Our curated campus tour plan allows you to find the right students for your program offerings. Our tours help students learn about the academic experience, campus history, student residential life, and educational path. With our highly focused tours, you can boost your institution’s visibility and reach more students. 


  • Domestic flights
  • Accommodations
  • On-ground transportation
  • White-glove concierge service
  • Experienced and dedicated tour leader
  • Welcome meals
  • Post-tour support

Concierge & Reception

With our dedicated tour leaders and managers, we can help organize and customize your timeline to execute a successful event. We can assist you in setting up concierge and reception areas during student fairs and events.

Resources available to you:

  • Tables and chairs
  • Helpdesk
  • Promotional Materials
  • Signages

Counselor Networking

We understand the need for counselors to get the exposure they need to help guide students through their career paths. Through our counselor networking service, we provide our counselors a nurturing community where they can access bespoke training and development while empowering and strengthening relations between them and international higher education institutions.

Huddles & Forums

Huddles and forums are an ideal avenue to showcase what makes your school  stand out.

Through our representation, we can highlight your institutions by sharing with students, parents, and high school counselors more information about your campus, the values you uphold, and the different program offerings for consideration.

High School Sessions

Our high school sessions aim to provide students with comprehensive information about the potential career paths they can take. We help schools host high school sessions to explore various topics for students needing more details about the school and programs. Sessions provide a real and introspective look into the college transition process.

Networking Summits

We help build relationships through our networking summits. We help organize gatherings to promote engagement and relationship building to help our partners engage and build valuable connections. Our summits also provide counselors and institutions with the tools and resources to best support students in their post-secondary options. As our partner, you get exclusive access to our calendar of events.

Virtual Fairs, Seminars, & Webinars

Bring your institution to life. Highlight your offerings and engage with students with our virtual fairs, seminars, and webinars through our innovative platform. With our dedicated team, you can promote your programs, explain the application process, and host Q&A sessions. Leverage our platform and reach to provide your potential students with an overview of what happens during student orientation and welcome week. 


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